Passion projects

In addition to running client-based projects, we always strive to support and contribute to the ecosystems we love and that have brought us where we are. You can find a few of them below. 

Open Source Radio
Transmitting forward-thinking musical frequencies from a lime green shipping container in Nijmegen, Open Source Radio started as a remedy to the pandemic, only to become one of the Netherlands' most influential online radio stations in just over two years.

Minimal Collective
Minimal Collective operates at the intersection of music, art, and technology. The Amsterdam collective initiates numerous collaborative projects, events, and formats, forming a breeding ground for progressive ideas.

Other Echo
Other Echo is a learning community that uses the internet's power to unlock talented music producers' potential. Connecting students with gifted artists and producers on a user-friendly platform, it offers people the chance to discover, develop and deepen their production skills through an ever-expanding range of courses, workshops and mentorships.

The Please
The Please is an award-winning producer duo originating from the picturesque south of The Netherlands. Their unique leftfield electronics are featured in their own productions, as well as in music for artists the likes of Dutch rapper Sef and jazz singer Giovanca. Additionally, their compositions serve as soundtracks for video content from renowned brands such as Vodafone, Palladium, and Adidas.

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