Jägermeister is one of the world's leading spirit brands, boasting a strong focus on – and credibility within – nightlife around the globe. In late 2021, the brand sought a new approach to connect with the upcoming festival season, which was billed as 'the second summer of love' months in advance.

Having worked with Jägermeister for the better part of a decade – being responsible for several global- and local projects such as Jäger Music and #SAVETHENIGHT – the brand approached us to think up and build a 360° campaign to mark the festival revival set to unfold on fields across the Netherlands.

Six months later, Jägermeister FM hit the online airwaves, debuting its custom-made festival studio on the grassy fields of The Crave in The Hague. From June 2022 through May 2023, the studio traveled with Bakkie Bakkie podcast’s hosts Steven van Lummel & Justin Verkijk at the helm, stopping by Expedition Festival, By the Creek, Amsterdam Dance Event, Herfstdrift, and Lente Kabinet for interviews, impromptu performances, and DJ sets that were transmitted live through acclaimed online radio stations. 

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